• Borja- Director.
    - Agricultural Engineer and Permaculture Design Certificate

  • Leyte- Farmer.
    - Major Environmental humanities

  • Zag- Farmer.
    - Urban agriculture and Permaculture advocate

  • Rodrigo- Farm Manager.
    - Agricultural Engineer and Master degree in Agro-ecology.

  • Soraya- Produce Coordinator
    and Creative
    - Public Relations

  • Michael- Community farmer and educator.
    - Permaculture designer and educator

Common2us is a small scale, organic market garden located in Dural, approximately 45 minutes from the city CBD. Currently farming on 5 acres, we are a small team of farmers who produce a wide variety of chemical free, seasonal greens, vegetables and fruits, using organic farming practices.

You can purchase our produce through our farmgate shop, weekly vegie boxes or at weekend markets. We also offer a variety of locally sourced produce and organic dry good products. Our produce and prices.

We are a community farm so our farm, is your farm. Get involved in the farm through events, workshops and kids activities or join us for a fun and interactive organic farm tour with friends and family.

Common2us is growing, in more ways than one! We now have some exciting opportunities to join our team…find out more.

Our Team

We are a small team of young farmers from Spain and Australia and we are passionate and driven to produce fresh, local, sustainable organic food for our Sydney community.

As our farm grows, so does our team!! Our farm and community are thriving, and we are now looking to expand in order to grow more delicious, local organic food for our growing and hungry community.

This growth means that we not only need more land, but we need more farmers. We are looking for hard-working, energetic and passionate people, who share our values and want to learn all there is to know about organic farming. Volunteer program

Becoming a Community Member of Common2us means belonging to a real organic community farm.

From now on, you and your family can eat healthy, quality produce grown at our farm or sourced from other local organic producers. And thanks to your direct relationship with the farm, your organic food will come at a competitive price.

As a member you will be receive at least a 10% membership discount and free delivery of your products.

Get involved in the activities offered by our community and give your children the opportunity to enjoy and learn directly

You will be able to design your own vegetable patch, receive or pick up your own organic vegetables and even get involved in the organic farming activities if you are interested.

What would make us most happy is for you to come and meet the staff and your fellow community members, have a walk in the garden, browse through our books, share ideas or just relax and listen to the birds…

Welcome to COMMON2US!

    Annual membership fee: 300$

    Special until 1st September 2014: 200$    

In order to provide an excellent service and high quality fresh vegetables, the community is limited to 200 members.

Common2us farm produces a wide variety of seasonal, chemical free vegetables and fruits throughout the year. List of products and prices

Common2us organic food can be purchased through our farm-gate stall at 3 Wyoming Road, Dural, which is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm (9:30 am to 4 pm on the weekends).

We also offer weekly veggie boxes which are either $55 for 10 selections or $75 for 15 selections. Choose from a variety of vegetables fruits available each week (as well as our dry goods selection). Order your weekly organic vegetable box online

Fruit and vegies that can’t be produced on our farm, such as root vegetables and seasonal fruits are sourced from other local organic producers each week.

Seasonal recipes

We are a small team of young farmers from Spain and Australia and we are passionate and driven to provide fresh, local organic produce to our Sydney community.

We focus on producing highest quality food for our community and we believe that ‘healthy’ food is grown and distributed in ways that benefit not just human health, but the health of the environment, the community and the producers who’ve grown it.

Common2us adopts organic farming practices, however we are not certified organic. This is because our farming practices are completely transparent, and you can come to our farm to see for yourself how your food is grown. We do not use any synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides which means our produce is safe and healthy for all of us.

No use of plastics.

We also provide local produce certified by:

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