• Borja- Director.
    - Agricultural Engineer and Permaculture Design Certificate

  • Leyte- Farmer.
    - Major Environmental humanities

  • Diego- Farmer.
    - Horticulturist and Master degree in Energy efficiency and sustainability

  • Rodrigo- Farm Manager.
    - Agricultural Engineer and Master degree in Agro-ecology.

  • Soraya- Produce Coordinator
    and Creative
    - Public Relations

  • Michael- Community farmer and educator.
    - Permaculture designer and educator

Learn about Organic agriculture, Permaculture theories and thecniques. Visit Common2us, talk to other members and staff and share ideas. We would also love you to participate in presenting talks and workshops.
Check Activities

Our produce and prices.

Get involved inorganic farming activities.

Join the online community forum, share your ideas and have your questions answerwd .

Come and show your children our community, show them the progress of their crops, and introduce them to healthy, organic food production.

Children from 5 to 12 years old can enrol in our children's courses and workshops. Check courses

Introduce your children to our staff members and let the children share their ideas with us.

Becoming a Community Member of Common2us means belonging to a real organic community farm.

From now on, you and your family can eat healthy, quality produce grown at our farm or sourced from other local organic producers. And thanks to your direct relationship with the farm, your organic food will come at a competitive price.

As a member you will be receive at least a 10% membership discount and free delivery of your products.

Get involved in the activities offered by our community and give your children the opportunity to enjoy and learn directly

You will be able to design your own vegetable patch, receive or pick up your own organic vegetables and even get involved in the organic farming activities if you are interested.

What would make us most happy is for you to come and meet the staff and your fellow community members, have a free organic coffee or tea, browse through our books, share ideas or just relax and listen to the birds…

Welcome to COMMON2US!

    Annual membership fee: 200$

    Special until 1st March 2013: 200$    

In order to provide an excellent service and high quality fresh vegetables, the community is limited to 300 members.

Have direct contact with the grower, giving you competitive food prices: List of products and prices

Enjoy the absolute freshness of your organic fruit and vegetables. Order your weekly organic vegetable box

Members receive free delivery and between 8% and 10% discount on produce.

Seasonal recipes

Organic produce has been proven to have a significantly higher nutritional value. See:

Use our reflectometer to compare the nutritional value of organic produce with conventional products.

We will organise the environmentally efficient transport of boxes to your home. - free for members.

Eat locally grown produce.

No use of plastics.

Common2us recycles all organic material, and we use water and resources in the most efficient way.

We also provide local produce certified by:

Relax and have a free organic coffee or tea.

Members can come and indulge in lunch or breakfast made from our fresh seasonal produce. See our activities page

Meet the staff and other members of Common2us.

Browse through our collection of books and magazines related to organic farming and healthy living.

New Community Supported Agriculture Model @ Common2us

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an exciting new way of distributing our produce to our community.

Everyone benefits from this direct relationship; farmers, consumers and the community.

Every week, our members receive affordable fresh, seasonal produce and receive fair and consistent prices for the quality produce we grow.

It allows us to farm in sustainable, regenerative ways and our members have the peace of mind in knowing exactly where their food has come from, who's grown it and under what conditions.

Ok, I'm interested but how does it work?

Members receive a weekly (or fortnightly) box of seasonal, organic produce, which is paid for in advance of the growing season. Each week, you choose one of three box options which is then delivered to a central location in your area (on a designated day) or delivered to your door at a small extra cost.

Amounts of produce will vary according to the seasons and most produce will come directly from the Common2us farm with seasonal fruits and root vegetables sourced from local organic growers.

Weekly boxes will start from $35, with 3, 6 and 12 month subscription options available.

We will be launching this exciting scheme soon, so if you are interested in finding out more, click here and we will send you information.

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Dural, 2158 NSW
Phone: 02 9653 9183

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